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Poster: Vladovlado Date: Dec 3, 2004 6:11am
Forum: petabox Subject: Massive network storage


The easiest (and least expensive) way to do it would be to use Lustre w/ off-the-shelf commodity boxes. Lustre is a cluster file system that provides common name space, as well as striping & mirroring among multiple nodes. It is open source, supported by HP and company called Cluster File Systems (CFS). Reportedly, the system is stable enough - Linux Networx, among others, are using it for production clusters.

A simple, and very cst-effective hardware solution is to use standard rack-mount servers. 1U will get you about 1TB at about $2,000 with a single CPU / $3,000 dual CPU configuration. True, this will only get you 40TB per rack (assuming 2U for GE switches, etc.), but you can get a petabyte in a single file system for under $2M

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Poster: caiser Date: Apr 5, 2005 4:16am
Forum: petabox Subject: Re: Massive network storage

In 32Us of space you can fit up to 64TB of storage using this chassis and 400GB hard drives.